Telemedicine FAQ

Questions & Answers for our new video appointment service

Login & Consent Instructions

  1. What is a Telemedicine visit like?
    Much like a regular office visit. These will occur over a video streaming device, from the convenience of your own home or other location. An appointment is made just like a regular appointment (by calling our office at 912.355.2462), and a telemedicine appointment is made for a specific time, with a specific doctor. You will be given a link to log in before your appointment time, and then will wait in a “virtual waiting room” (the comfort of your own home) until a physician logs on for the encounter. 
  2. What sort of device do we need to participate?
    Any device that has a camera and internet access works in most cases, WIFI is preferred for connection speed. A smartphone or tablet is acceptable. We ask that you log on at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment time, should your device need configuration or testing to ensure a clear interaction.
  3. What doctor will we see on a telemedicine visit?
    Just like our in-office visits, all telemedicine visits will only be staffed by one of our 10 Board-Certified Pediatricians. In some cases we may schedule visits with your specific doctor, or in some cases, it may be with our first available provider. 
  4. What kind of visits can we do over telemedicine?
    The expectation will be for mild sick visits to be handled over these video calls. We may also be able to do medicine checks in some situations. We cannot do Well Checkups or Sports Physicals over telemedicine. There may be cases where the visit ends with the expectation that you still come in for a visit, if the nature of the illness cannot be handled over the phone. If your child is extremely sick, please still consider a live visit, or if indicated, an Emergency Room visit. 
  5. Are there limitations to these appointments?
    Absolutely. Our abilities over a video chat situation are limited. There are portions of the exam that cannot be performed, such as looking in an ear. Tests will not be able to be performed, such as a strep or flu test. Clinical judgment will often drive decisions, but in some cases, our limitations may require you to still come in for a visit. 
  6. Can prescriptions be sent?
    Absolutely, just like an in-office visit, if a prescription is indicated, this can be sent digitally to your pharmacy after the encounter.
  7. Will my insurance pay for these visits? How much do they cost?
    Telemedicine visits are billed just like in-office visits, at the same cost as regular sick visit, no additional charges apply. Insurance coverage varies by insurance however, and we encourage you to check with your own insurance to verify coverage. Just like office visits, any copay or any deductible that might need to be met are the patient’s responsibility, as well as any services that are not covered. During the COVID-19 crisis many insurances are increasing approval of telemedicine visits, and some are even waving copay’s, but this varies by insurance and may change over time. 
  8. Are there any restrictions?
    Yes, two important rules apply based on regulations:
    1) Only established patients who have at least once been seen in our offices physically can be seen over telemedicine (no new patients for their first encounter).
    2) Because we are licensed in Georgia, the patient making the call must be located in the state of Georgia at the time of the call.