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5 Tips for a Healthy School Year

School is in session! Now that children are walking through those school halls and are settling into their new routines, it’s time to start thinking about how you can set them up to be successful. Here are 5 tips to make sure your kids have a healthy and happy school year.

1. Get Vaccinated

Attending school and being around many different people exposes your children to germs of all varieties. To protect them against those germs and ensure they stay healthy throughout the school year, make sure you schedule a time to get your children vaccinated according to your pediatrician’s prescribed vaccination schedule. 

2. Set Healthy Eating Habits

While handing your children a few dollars or making their lunches with pre-packaged food may be easy, it’s extremely important to make sure your child has access to fresh, healthy food throughout the school day. A good tip from is to stock up on healthy food and spend some time meal-prepping so that making your child’s healthy school lunch isn’t such a chore. Try cutting up fruit, like apples, on the weekend, so that when you or your child goes to make their lunch, healthy food is an easy item to grab.

3. Establish a Bed Time

Sleep is essential to making sure your children (and you!) are prepared to tackle the day ahead of them. Setting a bed time will not only help with your routine, but it will also help ensure that your children are getting the appropriate amount of sleep for their age group. This chart from the National Sleep Foundation details what amount of sleep each age group needs in order to be well-rested and refueled for the next day.

4. Show Them Good Hygiene Habits

Prepare your children with healthy hygiene habits to make sure they do all they can to protect themselves against germs. Show them the proper way to wash their hands, send them to school with a travel hand sanitizer, and make sure they know not to share food or drinks with other students. Teaching your children these good hygiene habits will help them stay healthier, longer.

5. Schedule a Check-Up with Your Pediatrician

Getting your child in with their pediatrician at the beginning of the school year is always a good idea. Whether they need a required physical for sports or you just want to make sure they are healthy while walking those school halls, your child’s pediatrician will ensure your child is well and ready to tackle the school year ahead. 

At Pediatric Associates of Savannah, we are dedicated to providing your child with the best, most up-to-date care. Schedule an appointment today to get your child their immunizations, annual exam or physical, or just to get more advice on how to have a healthy, happy school year.

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